Tempura Batter Up

Step right up to the plate because you are about to hit a home run with your dinner. Tired of steamed, roasted, grilled, sautéed and stir-fried veggies? I present to you tempura-ed fried veggies. Oh my goodness. Make this deliciousness and serve it with any dipping sauce you want and your kids will scream for […]

Magic Sugar Cookies

Magic Sugar Cookies

Why do we love this recipe? Does not need to be refrigerated. Can re-roll dough with no issues. Creates sharp cut-out’s that hold their shape. TASTES AMAZING (even without the icing) It seems like these sugar cookies would be too good to be true, but here we are. Occasionally, you just run into a magic […]

Our favorite Sushi place... and our favorite people

Let’s Take the Kids to a Restaurant… it Will Be Different This Time…

“Boys, we’re all hungry and we’re near our favorite sushi restaurant. Who wants to go?”
“Meeeeee!!!!!,” they all cheered in unison.
Dave and I squatted down and got on their level. “OK, guys, so if we do this, you have to promise us you’ll try your best and sit still so we can all have a nice time, right?”
“Yes mom! Sure, uh-huh!,” they all consented enthusiastically.