Blessings to Speak Over our Children

As a response to Pastor Jamie’s message on “generations,” we decided to write blessings for each of our children based on what God has revealed to us about each of them. As they grow, these blessings will grow and change some with them, but it is the type of thing that we will memorize and repeat to them often- over and over and over again. We want them to always be reminded of their purpose here on earth and the unique strengths that God has given them to help them live out their purpose.

Joshua, our first-born, you are a strong Son of the King and a torchbearer of Christ to a world in darkness. As you march forward in confidence, you will point people to Jesus and they will follow. Your joy and enthusiasm bring light and hope to the world.

Samuel, our second-born, you are a strong Son of the King and a witness to God’s character. You see and hear His Heart and you will share it with others in your journey on earth. Your intuitive and thoughtful nature gives you access to ears who need to hear the message of hope.